We make sites smarter by turning them into low-footprint, high-impact energy storage systems.

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AMS built a unique energy analytics platform that identifies the cost and value of each kilowatt hour of energy consumed by a facility in order to design an optimized energy profile.

The AMS platform uses energy consumption data, retail and wholesale energy prices, carbon intensity and efficiency metrics to create a diagnostic energy profile for each building. We model optimized resource scenarios using best-in-class energy storage, on-site generation, load control technologies and various utility tariffs to identify maximum efficiency, savings and revenue opportunities. The AMS platform optimizes energy resources in real time at the building level, the fleet level and across portfolios. Combining real time energy usage and market data with the power of advanced energy storage gives portfolio managers control over energy costs like no other energy management platform on the market today.


AMS negotiates wholesale agreements with top technology providers so portfolio managers can take advantage of the economies of scale and utilities get the most cost-effective energy resources.

The core strength of AMS is that our solutions are not tied to any one type of technology. We choose the right technology to achieve a particular goal and deliver results. AMS has developed an ecosystem of best-in-class technology partners that spans the value chain from the utility distribution system to demand side management, as well as at the facility level. AMS identifies cost savings and revenue opportunities at each link in the value chain, harnessing every kilowatt and monetizing its value for our clients.


AMS is uniquely qualified to help our utilities and large energy users design, build and operate energy storage solutions that meet their evolving needs.

The AMS team has unparalleled experience in developing complex distributed energy storage projects. Our founders include former regulators, grid operators and utility executives with firsthand knowledge of how the energy industry works. The AMS development team has more experience negotiating, permitting and commissioning behind-the-meter energy storage projects than any other firm in the industry today. Our business development team understands the commercial and industrial sectors as well as how to design products that provide benefits to ratepayers and host customers alike. Our analytics and design experts have led technology development for the country’s largest grid operator.


AMS’s partners include forward-thinking utilities, technology leaders and companies interested in contributing to a cleaner, more resilient electrical grid.

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