Tomorrow's energy grid.

AMSAdvanced Microgrid Solutions installs advanced energy storage systems in buildings to lower energy costs for consumers and provide clean, instant load reduction to electric utilities. We're building a more efficient, more resilient electric grid.
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Hybrid Electric Buildings®

Intelligent. Efficient. Resilient.
AMS's Hybrid Electric Buildings® Project deploys large networks of battery systems in targeted buildings where electric utilities need grid support. AMS can seamlessly shift an entire fleet of buildings from grid power to battery power providing real time support to the electric grid. Building owners get paid for being part of the solution to today's energy challenge.
How it works How it works

AMS Advantage

AMS is technology agnostic. We find the best batteries, the best software, the best technicians. We design projects to fit exactly what local utilities need for grid support. We understand how electric utilities work. We know what building owners need. We build the systems. We pay for them. We manage them.

Electric Utilities

AMS provides firm, dispatchable load reduction. No transmission or distribution upgrades.

  • Local Capacity
  • Preferred Resource
  • Flexible Capacity
  • Zero Emissions

Property Owners

AMS designs, installs, owns, and manages the storage systems. Lower energy costs from day one.

  • Grid Reliability
  • Peak Shaving
  • Demand Charge Management
  • Increased Revenue

Sustainability Officers

AMS analyzes energy usage, rate structure, and technologies available to maximize utility programs.

  • Reduce Energy Waste
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Increase Revenue from Demand Response Programs

Executive Team


Dan Richard Nancy Pfund Walter McGuire Shirley Nelson

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What Will the Future Hold for California's Distributed Energy Infrastructure?

AMS President & CEO participates in a conversation at the More Than Smart Conference about what the future will hold for California's distributed energy infrastructure.

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